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2428 SLT Wheel Loader

The only compact wheel loader that can lift over 3,000 lbs and fit through a 36″ gate*.

**Prices are subject to change without warning. For the most up to date pricing contact the store. Final price reflected at check out.


The unique Schäffer 2428 SLT has a low center of gravity which allows for a high tipping load with optimum stability. The total height is only 6 ft 3.6 in. and the overall width, ranging from 35” to 49.2″, open up operation options that are simply not feasible for larger wheel loaders or skid steers. Our best-selling model is much more than just an ultra-compact loader — it is a full-fledged construction piece of equipment.


  • With an overall width ranging from 35 to 49.2 in. (depending on wheel option), the Schäffer 2428 can easily navigate through narrow access points. Its fully hydraulic articulated swivel steering makes this mini loader extremely agile, which coupled with its 4,012 lb. operating weight, makes it ideal for use on turf, dirt, sand, and other soft surfaces, with minimal impact or damage.


  • An industry first, the Schäffer 2428 SLT offers true construction-grade power and performance, packaged in a body slim enough to navigate through gates as narrow as 36” (with select wheels) and with a clearance height of just over 6 ft. Its size, coupled with Schäffer’s superior swivel joint design, makes the 2428 SLT an agile loader that easily gets around tight spaces, making residential jobs much more efficient and safe.


  • With a tipping load of over 3,000 lbs**, the Schäffer 2428 SLT makes those jobs that could only be accessed with stand-behind equipment or sub-par mini loaders lacking the necessary lifting performance, a thing of the past. This wheel loader offers mighty lifting power and standout durability, with a highly-efficient 25 hp diesel engine.**Refers to straight bucket according to ISO 8313.


The following Schäffer special features come standard in the 2428 SLT:
  • SPT
    Schäffer Power Transmission (SPT) is an electronically-controlled autodrive that adapts to the torque properties of the diesel motor, allowing for lower fuel consumption, easier start up on slopes and “Cruise Control” function via an optional potentiometer.
  • SLT
    The SLT configuration allows this model to access low clearances by lowering both the machine itself to a lower clearance height, as well as its center of gravity, which provides added stability.


(Standard tire option highlighted in red)

27×8.50-15 37 (42.5)** SKD
7.00-12 35 AW
27×10.50-15. 42.1 SKD
26×12.00-12 43.3 – 49.2 SKD, AS Farmer, Multi Trac, Allground

*Measurements vary based on rim offset configurations.
**Measurements in brackets for width with turned wheels.
Tire dimensions and additional equipment can change

the operating weight, tipping load, and payload.

Additional information


3 Cyl. KUBOTA D1105,
25 hp (18.5 kW)

Traction hydraulics


Service braking system/parking brake

Hydrostatic and mechanical drum brake

Parking brake

Mechanical drum brake

Working hydraulics output/pressure

Delivery rate: 11.1 GPM
Operating pressure: 2,900 psi


Fully hydraulic articulated/
swivel steering

Operating weight

4,101 Ibs
4,321 Ibs with cab

Lifting capacity

3,748 Ibs

Tipping load- straight*1

Pallet fork – 2,612 lbs
Bucket – 3,417 lbs

Tipping load- articulated*1

Pallet fork – 1,940 lbs
Bucket – 2,579 lbs


Pallet fork, even ground*2 – 1,552 lbs
Pallet fork, uneven ground*2 – 1,164 lbs
Bucket*3 – 1,290 lbs


Original Schäffer axles,
5-hole rim


9.3 mph

Electric system

Operating voltage: 12 V

Fill quantities

Fuel: 6.1 gal
Hydraulic oil: 7.9 gal

Sound pressure level LpA

83 dB(A)


Wheelbase 5 ft 6.9 in
Chassis length 10 ft 6 in
Overall length with standard bucket – 12 ft 11.5 in
Digging depth – 4.3 in
Max. working height – 9 ft 8.5 in
Max. bucket pivot height – 7 ft 6.6 in
Loading height with pallet fork – 7 ft 0.6 in
Max. dumping height – 4 ft 9.1 in
Front end height – 4 ft 5.5 in
J Dumping depth – 18.5 in
K Seat height 2 ft 11.8 in
Overhead guard height – 6 ft 3.6 in
Cab height – 6 ft 3.6 in
Overall width – 35-49.2
Inner turning radius – 5 ft 10.7 in
Outer turning radius – 8 ft 11.7 in
Outer radius with standard bucket – 10 ft 11.7 in


*1 acc. to ISO 8313
*2 acc. to EN 474-3
*3 acc. to ISO 14397-1

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