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2430 SLT Wheel Loader

The only 25 hp articulated wheel loader that can lift 4,000 lbs*.

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The Schäffer 2430 SLT offers a 25 hp articulated wheel loader that has the capacity to haul extra heavy loads, like a full pallet of sod. Even with this lift capacity, it doesn’t compromise on maneuverability, ultra-compact design, and fuel efficiency that distinguishes its class.


  • The powerful Schäffer 2430 SLT wheel loader, with best-in-class lifting power, is impressively nimble and maneuverable, with an overall width of only 40.2 to 59.8 inches (depending on wheel configuration), and an operating weight of approximately 5,500 pounds.


  • Outlifting all others in the 25 hp class by far, this impressively mighty Schäffer 2430 SLT articulated wheel loader has a tipping load of 4,012 lbs. when used with a bucket, and 3,821 lbs. with a pallet fork.


  • In addition to the exceptional all-around and attachment visibility that characterizes all Schäffer loaders, the 2430 SLT comes with either an open-air ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) or optional air conditioned/heated enclosed cab.

The following Schäffer special features come standard in the 2430 SLT:

  • HTP
    High Traction Force (HTF) automatically regulates the thrust so the loader can supply the highest possible thrust, even in a high gear.
  • SPT
    Schäffer Power Transmission (SPT) is an electronically-controlled autodrive that adapts to the torque properties of the diesel motor, allowing for lower fuel consumption, easier start up on slopes and “Cruise Control” function via an optional potentiometer.
  • SLT
    The SLT configuration allows this model to access low clearances by lowering both the machine itself to a lower clearance height, as well as its center of gravity, which provides added stability.

(Standard tire option highlighted in red)

10.0/75-15.3 40.2 (47.2) – 43.3*** SKD, AS Farmer, MPT
31×15.5-15 51.2 SKD, AS Farmer, Allground
27/10.50-15 40.6 SKD
31×13.5-15 59.8 (54.3)*** Multi Trac

**Measurements vary based on rim offset configurations.
***Measurements in brackets for width with turned wheels.
Tire dimensions and additional equipment can change
the operating weight, tipping load, and payload.

Additional information


3 Cyl. KUBOTA D1703-M-Di,
25 hp (18.5 kW)

Traction hydraulics

Hydrostatic-automotive, HTF (High Traction Force)

Service braking system/parking brake

Combined brake hydrostatic
and multi-disc brake

Parking brake

Multi-disc brake running in
oil bath

Working hydraulics output/pressure

Delivery rate: 11.1 GPM
Operating pressure: 2,900 psi


Fully hydraulic articulated/
swivel steering

Operating weight

5,467 lbs
5,633 lbs with cab

Lifting capacity

4,189 lbs

Tipping load- straight*1

Pallet fork – 3,821 lbs
Bucket – 4,012 lbs

Tipping load- articulated*1

Pallet fork – 2,921 lbs
Bucket – 3,417 lbs


Pallet fork, even ground*2 – 2,557 lbs
Pallet fork, uneven ground*2 – 1,753 lbs
Bucket*3 – 1,709 lbs


Original Schäffer axles,
6 hole rim;

Option: automatic
slip-control differential


12.4 mph

Electric system

Operating voltage: 12 V

Fill quantities

Fuel: 10.6 gal
Hydraulic Oil: 7.9 gal

Sound pressure level LpA

85 dB(A)


Wheelbase: 5 ft 11.5 in
Chassis length: 11 ft 1.9 in
Overall length with standard bucket: 13 ft 9.4 in
Digging depth: 4.1 in
Max. working height: 10 ft 7.2 in
Max. bucket pivot height: 8 ft 2.4 in
Loading height with pallet fork: 7 ft 8.9 in
Max. dumping height: 5 ft 6.9 in
Front end height: 4 ft 10.3 in
Dumping depth: 10.2 in
Seat height: 3 ft 3.2 in
Overhead guard height (Cab height): 6 ft 5.2 in (6 ft 5.2 in)
Overall width: 40.2 – 59.8 in
Inner turning radius: 6 ft 1.4 in
Outer turning radius: 8 ft 5.6 in
Outer radius with standard bucket: 9 ft 8.5 in


*1 acc. to ISO 8313
*2 acc. to EN 474-3
*3 acc. to ISO 14397-1