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24e Wheel Loader

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More information coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Drive: 28.2 hp
Working hydraulics: 13 hp

Drive unit

4-wheel-drive, fully electric


Lithium-Ion, 260 V; 6.7 kWh
or 13.4 kWh

Charging system

On board charger, 3 kW/230 V/16 A
Option: ext. charging system,
18 kW/400 V/32 A

Service braking system/parking brake

Multi-disc brake running in oil bath

Working hydraulics output/pressure

Delivery rate: 11.1 GPM
Operating pressure: 2,611 psi


Fully hydraulic articulated/
swivel steering

Operating weight

4,883 lbs with protective roof
5,027 lbs with ca

Lifting capacity

4,189 lbs

Tipping load, straight*1 Pallet fork Bucket

3,549 lbs
3,726 lbs

Tipping load, articulated*1 Pallet fork Bucket

2,011 lbs
1,508 lbs
1,620 lbs


Original Schäffer axles, 6 wheel
nut rim

Fill quantities

Hydraulic oil: 3.2 gal

Sound pressure level LpA

64 dB(A)


*1 acc. to ISO 8313
*2 acc. to EN 474-3
*3 acc. to ISO 14397-1

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