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Arctic Extra Heavy Duty Poly Blade Snowplow

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Thirty-three inches high at the moldboard and 10′ across, the Arctic Extra Heavy Duty Poly is a step-up from the Arctic HD-P and Arctic HDXL-P models. Eight vertical ribs, a 50″ double plate, reinforced quadrant and frame combination, and the slick poly blade means that you – not Mother Nature – decide where winter is going to be.


Plow Model 120P
Blade Length 120″
Blade Height 33″
Blade Skin 3/8″ Poly
Trip Springs 6
Reinforced Ribs 8
Lift Cylinder 2″ x 6″
Angling Cylinder 2″ x 16″
Plowing width at full blade angle 104″
Approximate weight 1126 lbs
Cutting Edge 1/2″ x 6″ Steel
Mounting Type Quik Link III – Detachable

Approximate weight does not include vehicle mounting kit.