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Arctic Galvanized Spreaders

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Our superior sanding and salting solutions are now even better. Arctic’s newest spreaders are engineered with two things in mind: ease and durability. Our spreaders and sanders are easy to operate and maintain, and offer an all-new level of toughness, courtesy of our innovative galvanized coating.

Your choice of gas or hydraulic drive, or 12 volt electric motor drive.

Available in four sizes: 4′, 6′, 8′ and 10′.


Model Size4′6′8′10′
Length Inside47″71″95″119″
Length Overall70 3/8″94 3/8″118 3/8″142 3/8″
Body Height32″32″32″32″
Capacity*0.8 cubic yards1.22 cubic yard1.64 cubic yard2.07 cubic yard
Capacity with Sideboards*1.02 cubic yard1.45 cubic yard1.96 cubic yard2.7 cubic yard
Weight AG (Gas)775 lbs903 lbs1006 lbs
Weight AGH (Hydraulic)621 lbs751 lbs854 lbs
Weight AGE (Electric)634 lbs760 lbs881 lbs991 lbs

* Water level using 2″x 4″ Nominal Board Size