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Arctic Heavy Duty Trip Edge Wing Blade Vaws Series II Snowplow

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Using Arctic’s hydraulically activated multi-angle wing, we have transformed our heavy duty trip edge plow to become 123” in the open position; or a 98.5” box plow at the push of a button. Built with function in mind, this fully angling blade will give better control in all positions for effective snow management. Floating side wings allow better control and prevents spillage.


Plow ModelW96P
Blade Length98.5″ box position, 123″ open position
Blade Height29 1/2″
Blade Skin3/8″ Poly
Compressible Springs4
Reinforced Ribs6
Lift Cylinder2″ x 6″
Angling Cylinder1 1/2″ x 10″
Plowing width at full blade angle92 1/4″ box position, 114″ open position
Approximate weight898 lbs
Cutting Edge1/2″ x 6″ Steel
Mounting TypeQuik Link IV – Detachable

Approximate weight does not include vehicle mounting kit