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How Much Topsoil Do You Need for Your Lawn?

Topsoil is the upper layer of soil in a backyard or garden. It might look like soil, but isn’t quite the same. It has the most elevated grouping of microorganisms and natural matter, including mineral particles. Great topsoil is free and plants need it to thrive.

Unfortunately, many yards are missing topsoil completely, which needs to be remedied. So what exactly is it and how much do you need? Continue reading to know all about topsoil, why it’s important, and how you can buy it in bulk.

How much topsoil do you need? 

If your yard does not have the topsoil it needs, you may choose to add topsoil into it. One route is to get it in bulk from a landscape design company. How much you need depends on how you will utilize the land. To add topsoil to an existing lawn, you’ll just need a couple of inches. For a lawn, you just need around six inches of topsoil. However, for a vegetable garden you’d need 12 inches; 18 inches for raised beds. 

When you purchase topsoil bulk, it is normally sold by the cubic yard. One cubic yard of topsoil is equivalent to 27 cubic feet. How far this will go towards addressing your requirements relies on how much you need to use. For instance, if you spread a yard of topsoil six inches thick, it will cover twice as much space as it would if you spread it in a 12 inch layer. An easy way to calculate how much you need is to utilize one of the numerous online topsoil calculators. If not, here’s a way to figure it out yourself.

Formula to figure cubic yards of topsoil 

To sort out the number of cubic yards of bulk topsoil you need without utilizing the topsoil quantity calculator, you can use this formula: square feet X soil depth = cubic feet. Dividing the cubic feet by 27 gives you cubic yards. Here are your three simple advances: 

  • Figure out the area of space where you need topsoil by multiplying the length and the width. For instance, if you mean to utilize the topsoil in a vegetable garden that measures 9’ x 30’, you need the topsoil to cover a space of 270 square feet. 
  • Multiply the area by the depth of the topsoil to concoct cubic feet. For the most part, garden topsoil ought to be around 12 inches (1 foot) deep. That implies you increase the square foot estimation by 1. Here, 270 square feet times 1 foot is 270 cubic feet. 
  • Divide the total cubic feet by 27, since there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. Here, 270 cubic feet divided by 27 gives you 10 cubic yards. Therefore, you will require 10 cubic yards of topsoil to put a 12-inch layer on a 9’ x 30’ garden bed. 

Why do I need topsoil? 

Good topsoil is crucial for a plant’s growth and development. While undisturbed soils are probably going to contain topsoil in bulk, it is normally eliminated from a yard during construction. It can likewise be missing in hilly or rough regions. Indeed, even in regions where you discover it, you might not have the topsoil amount you need to allow a top-quality garden to develop. 

The more natural material in the topsoil, the better supplements the topsoil accommodates your plants. Nonetheless, a high level of natural matter abates the strength of the topsoil design and permits it to gather and settle. So an equal amount of natural and inorganic matter works best. 

How to buy topsoil in bulk?

In case you are looking to buy a bulk amount of topsoil or even sand bulk for your lawn we’d recommend visiting Q’s Power Equipment. We are a highly experienced team based in New York and we know what fits best for our customers. We spend a lot of our time on lawn and agricultural equipment and other lawn amenities including topsoil and sand. If you are looking for it, we’ve got it!

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