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Planning to Buy a Cub Cadet Riding Mower?


Keeping your lawn looking sharp is a significant part of homeownership. An all-around kept up lawn not just improves your home’s appearance, it can also up its value. Thus, it is worthwhile to invest into a quality lawn mower. This guide will help you figure out the correct fit for you out of the numerous Cub Cadet mowers, by analyzing factors like your grass size, lawn type, strength, your comfort, and whether you should opt for your local Cub Cadet dealer or not.


First thing’s first, when you’re trying to choose a Cub Cadet riding mower you need to find the mower that coordinates with what you need for your lawn. You’ll see that mowers have motors that range from 140-cc to 190-cc. Pick the motor size that will deal with assignments like slicing through tall grass, wet grass, leaf mulching and packing. 

There are a few diverse motor styles out there, including a side valve motor, motors with overhead valves, or an immediate overhead valve. An overhead valve motor is calmer and has better fuel utilization, however it costs more.


You should ride your brand new Cub Cadet riding mower before purchasing it; you must ensure that you are comfortable while riding that mover. Ensure the mower can be set at the correct stature for you or the mower’s seat is firm enough for you. 

Electric Mowers 

In the event that you don’t have a colossal lawn, battery-powered Cub Cadet mowers might be better. They are calmer, require less support, and obviously run without gas or oil. However, the best part is that you’ll never need to turn over a gas motor — you simply press a switch and you’re cutting. 

As lithium-particle battery innovation has improved, most makers have added battery-powered mowers to their inventory so you’ll have plenty of options. Large numbers of these mowers can cut a normal rural lawn (around one-fifth of a section of land) on a single charge. Costs for battery-powered mowers are similar to those of their gas-powered cousins, and have a similar range of use and performance as well.


You should make sure that the Cub Cadet riding mower being chosen by you has strength to work well while you are sitting on it, and that it is also able to run for a longer distance without any trouble while you are sitting on it.

Match the drive framework to your lawn size

On the off chance that your lawn is moderately level and not immensely large, odds are you’ll be completely content with a push mower — a mower that is not self-propelled. As well as being less expensive, Cub Cadet mowers are lighter, have less mechanical parts to wear out, and are normally more compact. If you have a lawn with slopes, hills, and/or a huge lawn, a mower that powers itself, like a Cub Cadet riding mower, is definitely the better option. Front wheel drive mowers pull the mower along yet may lose traction on slopes, so the type of mower depends on both the size and type of lawn you have.

Check out your nearby Cub Cadet dealer!

You might be able to save some effort by buying a lawn mower from a retail chain online, however, purchasing from a local Cub Cadet dealer has numerous benefits. First, you get the expertise of staff who can help you choose what type of riding mower you should choose for your lawn size and type. Most dealers have a few top-quality brands to browse and will show the most famous models on the display area floor. Also, when it comes time for a check up or warranty fixes, you’ll know right where to go for assistance, where they know both you and your mower. 

We hope that this article has helped you decide what things you should keep in mind before buying a riding mower. Be sure to choose the right mower for you and your lawn, and choose the one that is most comfortable and in your personal price range. You can visit QsPowerEquipment.com, the largest dealer of Cub Cadet mowers in the area!

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